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ACTUALITEASE... Improvisations of Light in the Form of an instant...

If you appreciate engaging in compelling images you have come to the right place. Be prepared for an adventure in the Literal, Symbolic, Metaphoric and Abstract Realms and Frames-of-Reference these images are capable of connecting you with. Some of the images "TELL" a story, some of the images "ARE" the story and some of the images will take you "BEYOND" story. I will leave it to you to discover which is which.

Each Gallery exists in it's Totality. A complete aesthetic experience that adds up as the images are viewed one after the other. The slide-show offers a way to apprehend the Aesthetic and become aware of "HOW" a totality forms. The Values, ironies, moods and ideas that are revealed through repeated viewings are very private to the individual experience and serve as a form of nourishment and/or refuge available for all and free whenever you want it.

FYI: None of these images have been added to in any way beyond color correction and cropping. They represent what was actually happening at that exact moment in which they were captured...

So, take a deep breath, relax your body, open your heart and approach it all in a spirit of play. THE LESS LANGUAGE THE BETTER FROM THIS POINT ON. Enjoy your stay.

Here we go...!